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Hello and welcome to the official online home of the Wives of Turf, I’m Mychal. I started Wives of Turf during theĀ hotĀ summer of 2011. Being married to a Golf Course Superintendent is a challenge all year long, but when the sweltering summers of the Mid-Atlantic roll around we often lose our dedicated husbands to the course…Their other wife. I already had a blog and enough knowledge of social media to make me dangerous, so it was a no brainer what I had to do next.

It really takes a different kind of woman to be married to a Golf Course Superintendent and that was the thought in mind when I founded the Wives of Turf. Surely I wasn’t alone in my frustrations. Surely I wasn’t the only one left to entertain a houseful of guests thanks to an irrigation break. I knew there were other wives out there like me and I was on a mission to find them. I searched the web and couldn’t find an active group of women like me, so I just made one up.

With that, the Wives of Turf facebook page was born. What I found was more than just wives of Golf Course Superintendents, I also found wives of salesmen, contractors, professors and even wives who are in the turf business themselves. Wives of Turf has become a group of wives from all over the turf industry.

In the time since I’ve started the group I have had the opportunity to chat with some amazing women. I’ve laughed with them about the random and sometimes nasty things we find in the pockets of our husband’s work pants. I’ve shared some of my secrets to doing the laundry of a Superintendent, and I’ve picked up at few pointers myself. I’ve sent my thoughts and prayers to a wife whose husband has just lost his job. I’ve been inspired. Wives of Turf has truly touched my life and I hope it has touched the lives of the other wives out there.

We are not alone.